kashf ul mahjoob in urdu

Hazrat Sheikh Al-Khuttali (ra) is usually defined through Hazrat Ali Hujwiri (ra) inside Kashf-ul-Mahjoob: He or she is the actual educator to whom My partner and i follow inside Sufism. He was versed inside scientific discipline associated with Quranic exegesis along with inside traditions (riwayat). Inside Sufism he or she comes after the actual doctrine associated with Junayd. He was the disciple associated with Husri along with a partner associated with Sirawani, along with a modern associated with Abu Amr Qazwini along with Abu'l- Hasan bin Saliba. He expended 58 years inside sincere pension through the earth, for the most part on Support Lukam. He displayed quite a few indicators along with evidence (of Saintship), however he or she failed to don the actual garb or maybe adopt the actual external trends in the Sufis, along with he or she accustomed to deal with formalists together with seriousness. My partner and i by no means found almost any guy whom prompted everyone together with larger amaze in comparison with he or she performed.

It is related he explained: ‘The earth is usually however an individual day time, where we're fasting, i. elizabeth. we all acquire nothing as a result, and are certainly not busy from it, simply because we have identified its corruption and it is "veils" and have absolutely flipped our backs after that. ’
The moment My partner and i was putting h2o on their arms in order that he may purify herself. Objective happened to me: ‘Since everything is usually predestined, exactly why must free of charge adult men produce on their own the actual slaves associated with religious instructions? inch The actual Sheikh explained: ‘ O my kid, I realize whatever you are thinking. Feel comfortable knowing that there is a lead to for every decree associated with Providence. When Allah would like to be able to bestow the the queen's along with a kingdom on an common guy, He allows your ex repentance along with employs your ex inside program of a single associated with His / her close friends, in order that this particular program qualified prospects your ex to be able to nobility along with honor. inch
Several like fine words he or she uttered to me every day.
He perished on Bayt al-Jinn, the village located at the head of any pile cross involving Baniyas along with the water associated with Damascus. Whilst he or she was depending previous breaths, their head was relaxing on my bosom. During those times My partner and i was feeling harm, as oahu is the character associated with guy to be able to think miserable on starting associated with their shut associate. The actual Sheikh told everyone:
‘O my kid, I'll inform you a single post associated with idea that should you firmly follow, may supply people by most issues. Whichever great or maybe bad Allah results in, don't in any area or maybe circumstance fight along with his steps or maybe think aggrieved inside your heart. i
He afforded absolutely no further injunction, however gave way up their soul.

Some other educators along with Sheikhs related to Hazrat Ali Hujwiri (ra) are:
Abu’l-Abbas Ahmad bin Muhammad al-Ashqani (ra) (or al-Shaqani)
Hazrat Ali Hujwiri (ra) describes your ex:

He was a great Imam in each and every branch associated with essential along with offshoot sciences associated with faith, along with a great accomplished venerable in most values. He'd achieved many prestigious Sufi Sheikhs. He or she is counted one of many prestigious Imams along with Sheikhs. His / her doctrine was determined by ‘annihilation’ (fana), along with their expressions once was very intricate. A number of fools imitated your ex and have absolutely adopted their hard composing design. When inside its religious significance it's not necessarily laudable to be able to copy subsequently how it can be to certainly copy merely a manifestation! My partner and i was extremely seductive together with your ex, along with he also the sincere affection for me personally. He was my educator in some sciences. During my expereince of living I've got by no means witnessed anybody, whom placed the actual Shariat inside larger veneration in comparison with your ex. He retained herself separate by most created factors.
As a result of their challenging documents due to the actual subtlety associated with their theological expositions simply a great Imam associated with serious insight could possibly derive coaching by your ex. He generally experienced an organic and natural dislike with this earth along with the subsequent, along with could continually say, ‘I yearn for any non-existence which includes absolutely no lifetime. ’ Along with he or she accustomed to state:
‘Every guy needs regarding impossible, along with My partner and i also get desire to have impossible, that i absolutely recognize can never be recognized, particularly in which Allah must consider everyone into a non-existence that may by no means come back to lifetime, regarding stations along with miracles are veils along with issues along with the guy is now the suitor associated with his own veil. It is far better to get annihilated inside eyesight in comparison with staying stay in constant state associated with veil. Almighty Allah is really a Becoming which is not subject to nothing staying, just what damage could His / her kingdom experience plainly be a nonentity in which would by no means be endowed together with lifetime? ’
That is a seem rule in a real annihilation.

Abu’l-Qasim bin Ali bin Abdullah al-Gurgani (ra)

He was exclusive along with incomparable Qutb associated with their moment. His / her initial state was excellent along with sturdy. He executed prolonged excursions together with thorough observance (of Shariat). All the aspirants associated with their moment were whole heartedly keen to be able to your ex along with hunters in the course associated with Truth experienced complete trust on your ex. He pressed extraordinary electrical power associated with exposing the actual inwardly says associated with beginners (kashf-i waq'a-i muridan). He was effectively learned in several offices associated with information. Almost all their disciples for their information along with carry out are decorations in the culture where they will go. The almighty willing, he can come with an excellent heir, as their authority the full body associated with Sufis may realize, particularly, Abu Ali al-Fadl n. Muhammad al-Farmadhi who have entirely committed herself towards the program associated with their Sheikh possesses flipped their again on most (worldly) factors. Over the blessings of that (renunciation), Allah offers produced your ex the actual religious mouthpiece (zaban-i hal) of that venerable Sheikh.

Abu Ahmad Muzaffar bin Ahmad bin Hamdan (ra)
Hazrat Ali Hujwiri (ra) describes a motivating knowledge related to Qawwali inside Kashf-ul-Mahjoob:

1 day My partner and i arrived to their reputation, once the weather conditions was very hot, wearing the traveller's attire is actually my curly hair inside dysfunction. He told everyone: ‘Tell everyone whatever you desire at this moment. ’ My partner and i responded i always wished to find out several tunes (sama). He instantly dispatched for any artist (qawwal) along with a number of performers. Becoming youthful along with eager along with filled up with the actual enthusiasm of any amateur, My partner and i grew to be far thrilled for the reason that strains in the tunes fell on my ear canal.
Before too long, when my joyfulness subsided, he or she questioned everyone how i enjoyed that. My partner and i informed your ex i always experienced enjoyed.
‘A moment will happen when this particular tunes will be get rid of to your account compared to croaking of any raven. The actual impact associated with tunes simply lasts provided there isn't any contemplation, along with once contemplation is usually achieved, tunes doesn't have electrical power. Be aware to not accustom you to ultimately this particular, lest that increase a part of your current character along with retain people again by better factors. ’

Abu’l Qasim Abdul Karim Can Hawazin al-Qushayri (ra)

Inside their moment he or she was the speculate. His / her rank is usually substantial along with their placement is fantastic, along with their religious life along with manifold benefits are well-known towards the people in the found age. He or she is the writer of numerous fine words along with beautiful is effective, all of them greatly theosophical, in each and every branch associated with scientific discipline. Allah caused to become their emotions along with their tongue safeguarded by anthropomorphism (hashw). I've got seen he explained:
‘The Sufi is compared to the ailment known as birsam, that begins together with delirium along with ends in stop; regarding once the sickness sets inside, you might be dumb. inch
Sufism offers a couple attributes: joyfulness (wajd) along with thoughts (numud). Ideas belong to beginners.